April 2008's big library technology event is "going live" with our public wireless network. Free public wireless isn't a new concept, providing a free wireless network for the public has been in each of the Library's technology plans since 2001. But riding the teeter-totter of public sector implementation means continual adjustment of plans in the face of competing priorities. (No IT project ever dies, some are just delayed a while.)

Features HMCPL needed in a wireless network:

  • seamless ability to wander in buildings without disconnect
  • easy public logon, with existing library card
  • capable of filtering to meet Federal requirements for CIPA
  • equally available to all the library locations
  • low impact for front-line staff
  • reasonable network security

What might this require?

Funds. IT hours. The right product. And vocal and monetary project support from the library board, administration, public, staff, APLS, city and county funding agencies, and legislators who make possible federal grants for technology in public libraries.

What we used:

The equipment bid process led us to:

Come in and enjoy the mobility. Free to all with a library or PCUser card, available at any service desk.