Big Read events for adults

As part of The Big Read, we're featuring a month of events focusing on Mark Twain's novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Here are a few notable upcoming events for adults:

Saturday, May 1, Picnics and Picket Fences. Bring your family and a picnic lunch to the Huntsville Botanical Garden for a fun, modern twist on the fence "white washing" of Tom Sawyer's day. Enjoy lunch on the grounds of the Garden, then express yourself by painting a portion of picket fence with wild, vivid colors! These fence creations will eventually become a permanent feature of the Madison Public Library's “Living Library” children's garden. Huntsville Botanical Garden, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., the Huntsville Botanical Garden will offer FREE admission to the Garden on May 1 in exchange for the donation of a new children's book. These books will become part of the Madison Public Library's collection. 532-5950.