S2S/B2B: Meet Authors Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant

Meet best friends and co-authors Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant!

The dynamic co-writing duo are back with their latest novel release, "UPTOWN", a novel as big a New York City itself. UPTOWN follows a prominent real estate family caught in a storm of greed, infidelity and betrayal.UPTOWN begs the question when money,power, and respect are at stake, how do friendships and the bonds of family survive? DeBerry and Grant have co-written several best selling novels and have been best friends for 25 years. They will be at the Main Library on Tuesday March 16th at 6:00PM to discuss their latest novel and the book discussion will be followed by a reception and a book signing. This is a free event and limited seating is available. Please pick up your free ticket from your local library. For additional info please call 256-532-5950 or 256-851-7492