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Homework Alabama

Sometimes library patrons are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online information provided by the Library.  As a result, they often overlook terrific sites that are lost in the mass of data that can be accessed.  One very helpful but underused database within the Library's collection is Homework Alabama.

Homework Alabama is essentially a free tutoring service offered to Alabama students Grades 3-12, students needing help with college acceptance and introductory test preparation, and adult learners working toward a high school or professional degrees.  It is available Sunday-Thursday, 3-10PM.  Students simply choose what subject area they need help in (math, science, social studies, writing, standardized test prep), enter their ZIP code and they will be connected to an online tutor who will interact with them through a chat-like interface.  There is a blackboard feature that allows the student and tutor to work together to write and solve problems.

Homework Alabama is accessible with most major web browsers as well as most Windows and Mac operating systems.  In addition, it includes a large searchable database of testing and career resources that are useful in test preparation and exploring career choices.  It is provided to the public through all public libraries within the state by the Alabama Public Library Service with funding support from several other state organizations.  You may access it on the Library's webpage at and then select "Online Databases."  Think about it, with Homework Alabama free tutoring help for all the students in your family is available at the click of a mouse.