Basket Weaving at Bailey Cove!


Learn to weave and create your own basket at this six-hour basket weaving workshop on Saturday, September 17 from 9am- 3pm.  

The workshop is open to all skill levels, with beginners weaving a simple basket with round reed, and experienced basketmakers making a Cherokee double-wall basket. 

Basket making is wet work, so wear some old clothes and bring a towel!  The leader will bring all the tools and other supplies you’ll need to use during the workshop.    Bring a sack lunch to enjoy with the group!

The maximum number of students is 12.  Be sure to reserve your spot early.  

Call the HMCPL Bailey Cove Branch Library at 256-881-0257 to sign-up.

Open to adults and youth ages 14 and up.  The supply fee is $7.