Inkle Loom @ Madison

Join us Friday, August 26 for Introduction to Weaving With the Inkle Loom with Crystal Kitchens!

Three-Hour or Six-Hour Workshop

Learn to weave on an inkle loom, which can be used to make narrow bands.  In class you can make a bookmark or small pouch, depending on how much time you want to spend.  Begin to learn the language of weaving.

The inkle looms will be ready to use when you arrive, and you’ll learn how to dress an inkle loom.  No weaving experience is required.

The leader will bring all the tools and other supplies you’ll need to use during the workshop.

Bring a sack lunch.

The maximum number of students is 10.

The supply fee of $6 is due the day of class.

Sign up here or by calling the Madison Public Library at 256-461-0046.

*This class is limited to patrons 14 & up.*

Sign up here or by calling the Madison Public Library at 256.461.0046.