Want to see something REALLY scary?

Each Monday in October is Fright Night at the Main Library downtown. We'll present three classic horror movies for your Halloween enjoyment.

October 7th          Salem’s Lot, Part 1 (1979) James Mason, David Soul, Bonnie Bedelia .  Horror guru Tobe Hooper directed this surprisingly scary made for TV movie of Stephen King’s vampire classic.

October 14th       Salem’s Lot, Part 2 (1979) Conclusion of King’s vampire tale.

October 21st       Night of the Demon (1959) Dana Andrews.  A low budget British horror classic directed by Jacque Tourneur. “It’s coming through the trees!”

October 28th       The Haunting (1963) Julie Harris, Claire Bloom.    Robert Wise directed this homage to horror master Val Lewton.   A truly scary movie.

All films will begin at 6PM and will be shown in the 2nd Floor Events Room at the Main Library.