21 Winning Attributes of the Wealthy

Peter G. James Sinclair says that wealth "has a far much broader meaning that also includes the richness of friends, family, as well as opportunities" and brings us 21 of the finest attributes that help define a wealthy person:

1. They Love What They Do
2. They Perform With A Touch Of Class
3. They Apply A Winning Attitude
4. They Go Beyond What Is Expected
5. They Are Great Time Managers
6. They Take Initiative
7. They Are Enthusiastic
8. They Are Diligent
9. They Are Self-Disciplined
10. They Are Assertive
11. They Are Team Players
12. They Risk Doing Something Great
13. They Set The Bar In Competence
14. They Establish & Preserve Organization
15. They Show Respect
16. They Are Clear Communicators
17. They Dress For Success
19. They Model Character
20. They Are Committed To Constant Change
21. They Smile A Lot

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