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Addenda #5: Bookmobile Transactions


Do you want the bookmobile to operate in real-time or in batch mode? Read more »

Addenda #4: Hosting Options


Which option does the library prefer: hosted solution (hosted by the vendor) or an on-premise solution (hosted by the library)? Read more »

Addenda #3: Current ILS Hosting


Are you currently hosted by SirsiDynix?


HMCPL's ILS and discovery interface are both hosted by SirsiDynix SaaS services.

Addenda #2: Content Integration and Searching


What are your expectations regarding AVL (the Alabama Virtual Library) as well as your other databases and local content goes?  Are you looking for links to these resources, or true federated searching from within the Discovery Tool itself?  Would you like pricing to reflect the full Federated searching capability, or to be included as an option? Read more »

Addenda #1: RFP File Format


Would it be possible to receive an editable Word document of this RFP for copy/paste purposes? Read more »

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