There will be no Board of Directors meeting in October. The next board meeting is November 17 at 1 p.m.

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Health Forum: Fall Prevention/Balance

Do you worry about falling?  Finding it difficult to keep your balance sometimes?  Pamela Brown, Exercise Physiologist at Huntsville Wellness Center, talks about balance -- how your body maintains balance, why it gets tougher as you get older, and ways to help keep your balance.

Tuesday * September 23 * 11-12 Noon
Second Floor Events Room
Main Branch Library
915 Monroe Street * Huntsville

For more information, contact Sophie Young at 532-2362.

Writing Good Books That Sell

TOR/Forge editor Whitney Ross and USA Today bestselling author Kimberly Lang give tips on on how to strengthen your writing and get your book noticed by agents, editors, and readers on Sunday, June 15, at 2 p.m. at the Main Library downtown.

Health Forum: Incontinence

Dr. Donald Aulds discusses Incontinence, especially in women.  What causes it?  How is it treated?  Can it be avoided?

Tuesday • July 22 • 11-12 Noon
Second Floor Events Room
Main Branch Library

For more information, call Sophie Young at 532-2362.


Lawmakers preparing to protect military families from financial predators

Federal and state officials responsible for regulating lenders want to provide greater protection for military families' finances, according to an article in Military Times yesterday.  Lenders are skirting the edges of the law -- or defying it outright -- and lawmakers want it to stop.  They're calling for better financial education for service members and better laws to protect our military families.

How to Do Things: Let's Talk about Painting in Watercolor

Join Huntsville artist Cynthia Massey Parsons to learn the fundamentals you’ll want to know to begin painting in watercolor. 

Cynthia promises a lively mini-demonstration of a few of her secret techniques that contributed to her watercolor paintings receiving:

· Honorable Mention, Mississippi Watercolor Grand National Exhibition,  2013
· Honorable Mention, 72nd National Watercolor Society of Alabama Exhibition, 2013

Bring paper & pencil to take notes!

Tuesday • February 25
Main Branch • 2nd Floor Events Room

Health Forum: Chronic Cough

Dr. Jason Smith of the Huntsville Hospital Lung Center discusses lung health, with a special emphasis on cough.  How is it diagnosed?  Treated?

Tuesday • January 28 • 11-12 Noon
Second Floor Events Room
Main Library • 915 Monroe Street.
For details, contact Sophie Young at 256-532-2362.


Tired of marketing phone calls and mail?

If you'd like to cut down on telemarketers at dinnertime and marketing offers in your mailbox, consider these resources recommended by FINRA.

To place yourself on the telemarketing "Do Not Call" list, go to or call toll-free (888) 382-1222.

To reduce direct mail and email offers, go to

Sponsor a library holiday tree

We're planning our annual Festival of Trees display at the Main Library downtown, 915 Monroe St. This event is an opportunity for community nonprofit organizations to promote themselves and their events.

Alabama Girls Collaborative Project

The National Girls Collaborative Project is growing into Alabama. Help us launch the Alabama Girls Collaborative Project on Monday, December 9, at 1 p.m. at the Main Library downtown.

For military families: a roadmap to less stress about money

Feeling a bit stressed when it comes to money?  Nearly two thirds of the U.S. military families feel the same way.  Good news: you can reduce your stress! recently published this roadmap to working your way through your financial worries.