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Sister 2 Sister Brother 2 Brother Book Club

Grandmother Ma Ray, a churchgoing woman with a mysterious past, steers her two reckless granddaughters away from trouble with her smarts, savvy-and the word of God…

Troublesome teen sisters Sahara and Crystal Nichols are acting up, and their risqué behavior is more than their mother Lenora can handle. Enter the girls' 75-year-old churchgoing grandmother, Ma Ray, who agrees to take charge of the young women. She's determined to turn their lives around-and knows more about being a bad girl than either sister bargained for…

Sahara and Crystal don't realize what they're up against when it comes to Ma Ray, but when they learn of their grandmother's former rebel antics, which were wild enough to rival their own, they begin to appreciate her present-day passion for leading a more productive life-via family, love, and faith…

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Ray of Hope
Vanessa Davis Griggs
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Saturday, February 19, 2011 - 3:00pm
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