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Atrium Art Gallery Guidelines and Application

Huntsville-Madison County Public Library




I.          Atrium Gallery exhibit spaces at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library are free to the public but are scheduled at the discretion of the Atrium Gallery Review Committee. The decisions of the Atrium Gallery Review Committee are final. Copies of the application form for exhibits, and copies of the Atrium Gallery Policy Regarding Temporary Exhibits are available online, by email or in person at the Main branch of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library.

Selection of an exhibitor does not constitute an endorsement by the library of the exhibitor’s theme, mission or beliefs.

II.         Exhibit sources include:

1.      Library staff may contact individuals and organizations which may provide exhibits that support library programs or would be of interest to library users.

2.      Individuals may submit applications for exhibit space, along with resumes and samples of the artwork they would like to exhibit. The Atrium Gallery Review Committee will review all applications, agree on an artist we would like to invite, and contact him or her about exhibiting the artwork in our Atrium Art Gallery.

III.               Guidelines for exhibitors:

1.      Prospective exhibitors are asked to submit an application including the following elements:

a)      Resume: The exhibitor’s resume may include biographical information about the exhitor, pertinent educational and professional training and listings of previous exchits, if any.

b)      Work samples: The artist may submit digital files, web site addresses, photographs or other printed reproductions of work that he/she intends to exhibit. These will not be returned to the exhibitor.

2.      The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library reserves the right to disqualify from consideration, or remove from an exhibit, any work or items it considers inappropriate for display by the library, at our discretion. Artwork that the library will NOT exhibit includes work that endorses discrimination against any person or group of people, and work that promotes sectarian or partisan political viewpoints.

3.      The library reserves the right to revoke the agreement to exhibit artwork in the Atrium Gallery at any time. In such cases, the library will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the exhibitor in connection with the exhibit.

4.      The exhibitor is responsible for the transportation and delivery of the exhibit to and from the library. The library will bear the cost and responsibility of installing the exhibit and resrves the right to final approval of the design and appearance of the exhibit.

5.      The library will provide signs and posters for the exhibit. The library will apply all art labels, posters, etc. All works must be already appropriately framed and ready to hang.

6.      Artwork prices may be included on exhibited work. The library cannot be used as an agent for selling or promoting a particular produce or company for commercial purposes. The library recommends a 20% donation of all sales made during an exhibit in the Atrium Gallery.

7.      The exhibitor may display  his/her name, address and phone number for informational purposes, with the exhibit. Any signs accompanying exhibits are subject to library approval and must be correctly spelled and neat in appearance.

8.      The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library cannot guarantee the safety of exhibits. The exhibitor will hold the risk of loss, theft or vandalism. The library assumes no insurance liability for materials on display. Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Security arrangements for the Atrium Gallery are the same as for other areas of the library.

9.      Exhibitor must submit to the Atrium Gallery Committee for approval, all publicity efforts that he or she plans for the exhibit. The library may use its own resources to publicize the exhibit independently, or in cooperation with the exhibitor. The exhibitor must allow the library use of his/her name, relevant biographical and professional information, and images of his/her artwork in its publicity efforts.

10.  The display of exhibits is generally limited to two months. The Art Gallery Committee reserves the right to determine the duration of an exhibit. The Committee will let the exhibitor know the duration before he/she displays work.

11.  Exhibits may not contain hazardous material or items which might decay, have odors, or leave stains. In the event that toxic or destructive substances are used, the library will ask the exhibitor to remove the exhibit.

Exhibitor will be responsible for any damage to a library facility by his display including damage incurred during the installations or dismantling of ir. Damages will be assessed by member of the library’s maintenance staff and exhcitor will be billed for the amount of money needed to repair damages. Failure to pay the billed amount will result in denial of use of the exhibit space in the future.

Exhibitor is responsible for the prompt removal of his/her materials at the end of and exhibit.  If the are not claimed after several attempts by library staff to contact the exhibitor, staff will dispose of the material at their discretion. Exhibitor may be billed for storage costs.


12. Any further questions or concerns may be directed to the Huntsville-Madison County   Public Library’s Associate Director of Public Services, whose decision shall be final.


By submitting this application I acknowledge that I have read the policy governing temporary exhibits and agree to abide by the conditions ser forth. I understand that the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library will not assume any responsibility for materials or itms lent to it for exhibit purposes. I agree to release the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library from any responsiblitiy or liability for damage, theft, or loss of any materials or items I lend for exhibit purposes. I am aware that I am responsible for protecting my own materials which I may do by placing my own insurance on them.

About you
First and last.
Please include area code.
About your art
How many pieces of artwork do you have available for display?  Please describe them briefly, as a group if you prefer.
Is there a particular theme you express through your work?
Is your work in a format ready to display (such as frames for paintings)?  Please describe.
Do you belong to any artist guilds or organizations?  If so, please list.
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your work or yourself?
Please attach samples or photos (no more than two) of your work, in color if possible.  Samples should be no larger than 2MB; they will not be returned.
If you have a website for your artwork please list it here.
Please attach a copy of your resume.  Include information about any art shows in which you have participated and awards won; catalogs or brochures that feature your work; and any professional commissions you have undertaken.

Want to exhibit your work?

Please fill out our Atrium Gallery guidelines and application online.