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These are resources of local (Huntsville and Madison County, Alabama) interest we have available in the Heritage Room from the Historic Huntsville Quarterly.

Article Vol. & No. Date Author  
"288 Sutton Road," a Poem XXII, #2 Sum 1996 Hanaw, Margaret Anne Goldsmith  
"Ladies Tresses" XXIV, #1 Spr 1998 Vann, Margaret J.  
"The Commission" Explained XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Ellis, Diane  
Abandoned Homesites in Jackson County XXII, #2 Sum 1996 Dabbs, Merilyn O.  
Alabama Historical Commission XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Stephens, Elise  
Auto Route, Huntsville, Alabama to All Florida and Alabama Points, via Gadsden XIII, #1 Fall 1986    
Civil War Excerpts XIX, #1&2 Spr/Sum 1993    
"Door to Nowhere" leads to "Manure Manor" XXI, #4 Win 1995 Stephens, Elise  
Downtown Apartments: A Report from Franklin [Tennessee] VI, #3 Spr 1980 Jordan, Rudy  
Early Athens: Log Cabin Aristocracy III, #4 Fall 1977    
Extracts from The Bottomless Well (a novel) XX, #2 Sum 1994 Terry, Walter S.  
Foul Birds Disappear from "Cuckoos' Nests" [Red-Light District] X, #3&4/XI, #1 Sum/Fall 1990    
Habitat (a poem) IX, #3&4 Spr/Sum 1983 Luther, Susan  
History Day Contributions XIX, #1&2 Spr/Sum 1993    
History of the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association XXIV, #1 Spr 1998 Walker, Jean  
Homemade Bear Made With Love XXII, #2 Sum 1996 Rhoades, Dale  
How to Make A Difference in History: Preservation Easements XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Jones, Ira  
Huntsville Pilgrimage Association's 1998 Tour XXIV, #1 Spr 1998 Jones, John Rison, Jr.  
Kiddie Club Saturdays at the Lyric Theater XXIV, #4 Win 1998 Williams, Mary Ann Searcy  
Letters Home XVII, #1&2 Win/Spr 1991 Dickson, Dick  
Local Historic Districts XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Allen, Linda Bayer  
Looks Can Be Deceiving: The Story of an Ugly House XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Jones, Harvie P.  
Map, Jackson County, 1820s XXII, #2 Sum 1996    
My Mother's Garden (a poem) XVI, #3&4 Sum/Fall 1990 Weeden, Howard  
Nana's Pound Cake XXIII, #1 Spr 1997 Smith, Alyce Parmelee  
Nashville to Nottingham XIX, #1&2 Spr/Sum 1993 Stephens, Elise  
National Register of Historic Places XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Allen, Linda Bayer  
Old House Sestina (Remembering Howard Weeden) (a poem) VII, #3 Spr 1981 Luther, Susan  
Other Case Histories: A Glimpse of What Was and What Has Become XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Jones, Harvie P.  
Relics (a poem) VI, #4 Sum 1980 Luther, Susan  
Remembering World War II XVIII, #1&2 Spr/Sum 1992 Brown, Mamie  
Revitalizing Downtown XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Martinson, Lauren  
Signature Quilt XVI, #3&4 Sum/Fall 1990    
Specifications (a poem) XIII, #2 Win 1987 Esslinger, Nell  
Spirits of My Ancestors are in Loving Hands XX, #4 Win 1994 Hanaw, Margaret Anne Goldsmith  
To Move or Not to Move?  XXIV,#4 Win 1998 Rotary Club  
Touch of New England in Old Town XXII, #2 Sum 1996 Rhoades, Dale  
Visit With Jerry Galloway XXII, #3 Fall 1996 Stephens, Elise  
War's Toll: William Wayne King XVIII, #1&2 Spr/Sum 1992    
William and the Bear XXII, #2 Sum 1996 Bramm, Joe