Library Services Platform RFP


Huntsville-Madison County Public Library is initiating a search for a 21st century Library Services Platform (LSP) that will meet the needs of our growing physical and digital collection for our high tech community.

Download HMCPL's LSP RFP via this link (PDF, 567K)The RFP

You may download a copy of the RFP from this page. No registration is required to get a copy of this document. This document is only available as a PDF.


The RFP will be released to vendors on Wednesday, 14 November 2012. Responses to the RFP are due by 2:00 PM CST, Thursday, 17 January 2013.


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Vendors who have questions regarding the RFP may contact our ssakovich [at] hmcpl [dot] org (subject: LSPRFP%3A%20question) (Systems Librarian, Sherry Sakovich). Questions will be answered via this blog (see Registration above.)

Addenda #19: Content Enrichment Services


If you currently use content enrichment services (Syndetics), is your contract directly with the vendor? Or is it part of your ILS contract?


We currently use Syndetics and our contract with them is through our ILS vendor.  Additionally, we use ChiliFresh which we contract ourselves.

Addenda #18: Scripting Services


Please explain scripting services. Is this in reference to 3rd party databases?


By scripting services, we mean the programming languages that have access to your system’s APIs which will allow us to perform data extraction, manipulation, ad hoc reports, and system maintenance.

Addenda #17: Supported Peripherals


Please explain ‘supported peripherals’.


By “supported peripherals” we mean any devices or hardware that must interface with the software such as receipt or laser printers, barcode scanners, RFID pads,  tablets, handheld scanners, etc.

Addenda #16: Book Vendors and EDI


Who is your primary book vendor?   Are you using EDI at this time? 


Our primary book vendors are Baker & Taylor, Brodart, and Midwest Tape.  We are currently not using EDI but have used it in the past.  However, we would like EDI functionality available to us should we decide to return to this process.

Addenda #15: Serials


Who is you primary serials agent? Are you currently using electronic claims?


Our primary serials agent is EBSCO.  Currently, we are not using electronic claiming but may choose to do so in the near future.

Addenda #14: E-Commerce


What e-commerce provider are you using currently, if any?


Currently, we do not have online payment available through our public catalog.  However, for other payments that we take through our website for library events, donations, etc., we use PayPal.

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