Library Services Platform RFP


Huntsville-Madison County Public Library is initiating a search for a 21st century Library Services Platform (LSP) that will meet the needs of our growing physical and digital collection for our high tech community.

Download HMCPL's LSP RFP via this link (PDF, 567K)The RFP

You may download a copy of the RFP from this page. No registration is required to get a copy of this document. This document is only available as a PDF.


The RFP will be released to vendors on Wednesday, 14 November 2012. Responses to the RFP are due by 2:00 PM CST, Thursday, 17 January 2013.


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Vendors who have questions regarding the RFP may contact our ssakovich [at] hmcpl [dot] org (subject: LSPRFP%3A%20question) (Systems Librarian, Sherry Sakovich). Questions will be answered via this blog (see Registration above.)

Addenda #13: Kits


In the Outreach section, you ask about cataloging and circulating kits.  Will you describe the typical components of your “kits” used by Outreach in more detail? 


Our "kits" are plastic storage bins that typically contain books, DVDs, puppets, and games on a particular theme.  We need to be able to keep track of the container as well as the materials inside and gather circulation statistics on both.

Addenda #12: NCIP


What does the HMCPL currently use the NCIP connection for? 


Currently, HMCPL does not use NCIP but instead uses Z39.50.  However, we wanted to include this protocol in the RFP to ensure future product compatibility.  While we’re not using it right now, there is the possibility that our state library service will use it in the future and we are a part of their interlibrary loan cooperative.

Addenda #11: Style for Answers


In sections 3.1 to 3.12, do you prefer the itemized questions to be integrated into the paragraph descriptions of the sections or for the description to precede the individualized points with complies / does not comply style answers? 


In your proposals, we want to know how you can best meet our needs, so there is no need to worry with complies / does not comply style answers.

Addenda #10: RFID Units


How many RFID units are in use?


Currently, we have 16 workstation pads and 11 self-check machines in use.

Addenda #9: Circulation Policies


To what degree does each site maintain their own unique circulation policies?


Overall, all of our locations share the same circulation policies.  We have some policies that are unique to our Outreach and Bookmobile sites.  For example, some materials circulate for longer periods and patrons cannot place holds on items for these locations as their collections are shadowed in the public catalog.  Additionally, our Reference Department circulates some materials for a week.  

Addenda #8: Patron Database


Is your patron database a shared database between all your sites?  Or, are patrons restricted to their own location.


Our patron database is shared between all of our sites.

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