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Mind Your Money

Welcome to the library's multi-author blog and associated resources for increased financial literacy. This program is made possible by a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation through Smart investing@your library®, a partnership with the American Library Association

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For questions or comments about this program, please send email to mym@hmcpl.org.



Preparing kids for the real financial world

Seventy of incoming college freshman told Daily Finance that they have never been taught basic financial literacy skills yet they are signing up for student loans, opening credit cards and making decisions that will have a serious impact on the rest of their lives. Read more about Preparing kids for the real financial world

Congratulations to our winner!

We recently sent an online survey of participants to help us gauge the effectiveness of our financial literacy classes and mentioned those who completed the survey would be eligible to win an ebook reader. Congratulations to the winner of a new Kindle, Pamela Lionel!

Excecutive Director Laurel Best and Deputy Director Sue Royer are seen condicting the drawing. Read more about Congratulations to our winner!

Weighing Your Options

Here's an excellent information from Bank of America on how to save money every day! The text from their infographic is reprinted below:

"The average workday can take a toll on your personal finances. With a dollar here and a dollar there, those little expenses can add up over time. By taking advantage of better money-saving alternatives, you can make small changes that allow you to put aside some additional savings, make an investment in yourself or just have some fun. Read more about Weighing Your Options