Find it, share it, read it, review it!

HMCPL's new catalog ( means you'll spend less time hunting your next great read and more time reading it.

Today, we've launched our new Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) search engine that brings intuitive search results like the ones commonly seen on Amazon and Google.

This new catalog provides significant improvements over the old iBistro e-Library we've used for many years. A few of the many new features we're sure you'll like include:


Single Sign-On

Now, you only need to log in once to place holds on multiple items and view your account status!   A greatly improved "My Account" page will allow you to see more of your information and customize individual preferences to fit your needs.


Find it Fast!

Gone are the days of specifying author and title; just type in your search phrase and the catalog will give you the best results, along with quick ways to drill down to the exact resource you want.

Fuzzy logic searches yield meaningful results, even with partial or mistyped queries. The search engine will even make "Did you mean...?" suggestions!

Fuzzy-logic search results help you find info, even with mistakes.

Faceted search narrowing allows you to quickly hone-in on the results you're looking for, by narrowing common fields such as media format, author, publication dates, and more.

Narrow your search by item type, location, age ... or more!

Use your feed reader to learn of new items!

Bookmark or grab an RSS feed of your most frequent search terms to revisit a search later or to stay updated on arriving new materials that match your search terms.


Share & Review

Sharing and reviewing items in the catalog will help guide your next selections, providing real feedback from other patrons.

Did you love what you read? Hate it? You can rate and review your reads on the catalog, and read reviews by other patrons.

Love it? Hate it? Rate it!

Share your results and make Book Lists. Save interesting results or send email to friends to reveal your latest great new finds! 

Share your finds with friends!

...Even the browser "back" button works!

One of the top complaints about our old catalog was the disabled 'back' button. No more -- in Enterprise, your browser's 'back' button works exactly the way you always thought it should.