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Gentle Yoga -- CANCELLED

Downtown Huntsville LibraryAuditorium
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Activities and Crafts
Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 11:30am

Unfortunately all yoga classes are cancelled until further notice. Follow the facebook page or contact for information if/when it resumes.

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We offer two gentle yoga classes every week!

Wednesdays, 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm
Thursdays, 11:30 am - 12:45 pm

All classes are taught by Meredith K.

Anyone is welcome to attend. Classes are free and registration is not required.

You may bring your own mat or borrow one of the library's (while supplies last).

This class is gentle and beginner friendly. We work on balance, strength, flexibility, posture, breathing, meditation, and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

-What does it cost?
It's free!

-Do I need to register in advance?
As of now, we are not requiring advanced registration. For that reason, it is a good idea to come a few minutes early and secure a spot. It is possible that we will need to require registration in the future.

-Do I have to come every time?
No, just come when you can. That being said, you are definitely more likely to notice the results and rewards of yoga if you do it at least once per week.

-What will it be like?
It is a slow-paced class designed for beginners to intermediate students. We will work on learning the postures of yoga. This is not a cardiovascular exercise class.

-What should I wear?
Wear something comfortable, with a little give. Make sure to wear a top that is appropriate for inverted poses. It is best to practice yoga barefooted, but if you prefer, you can wear socks. I don't recommend wearing shoes.

-Do I have to buy a yoga mat?
It's nice to have one-- you can usually find inexpensive ones ($12-16) at many retail stores. If you do decide to buy a mat, I recommend a thinner style. The thick mats seem like an attractive option but they are not very good for balance.

-Am I flexible enough to do yoga?
We hear this a lot, but it's a silly question. You practice yoga in order to increase flexibility. If you're inflexible, you're a perfect candidate!

-Is yoga a religion?
No, it is not. Yoga is a philosophy, science and art that comes from India and is estimated to be 5,000 years old.

Additional tips:
-Try not to eat during the 1.5 hours leading up to class time.
-Bring a bottle of water.
-If you are prone to feeling cold, you may wish to bring a small blanket or a towel for final relaxation.