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CSI:Madison - Texas Wind

Originally released in 1980, TEXAS WIND was virtually out of print the moment it was published thanks to the distribution problems of Manor Books, the book's publisher. But the book has long been on the lips of fans of hardboiled private detective novels, ever on the lookout for quality stories from the genre. Finally, in 2004 the small publisher Point Blank Press has republished the book and provided us with the opportunity of meeting Cody, James Reasoner's calm but reassuringly capable Texan private investigator. Cody is travelling through Fort Worth on his way to the opulent residence of the Traft family where he is to meet Gloria Traft who wants to hire him to find her daughter, Amanda. Amanda is a university student living away from home, but she has been missing for some time and Mrs Traft wants her found quietly while her husband is away to avoid unwanted publicity. Cody immediately does what all good private investigators do; he starts off gathering information through interviews. an enthralling book that combines a good solid mystery with a straightforward plot and a strong protagonist. (Amazon)

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Texas Wind
James Reasoner
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Thursday, November 17, 2005 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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