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Making a reservation

The Huntsville Madison County Public Library's online room reservation system by Evanced Solutions is an easy way for you to book your meeting rooms online! Hopefully this guide will help you in that process, but please feel free to email reservations@hmcpl.org if you have any concerns.

Follow these simple steps to reserve a meeting room for your organization:


  1. Go to http://hmcpl.org/reserve/public to begin.
  2. To see the meeting rooms, expand or collapse the menus by clicking on the + or - signs to find the room you'd like to book, Select the room by clicking on it to show its availability in the grid on the right side of the page.
  3. Using the calendar, click on the date you'd like to hold your event.
  4. You may choose the "Week" or "Month" tabs to explore the calendar but be sure you click on the links to the "Day" view to continue booking the reservation.
  5. On the Day view, a check box is provided for the room if it is available. Choose the time for your meeting, adding in setup and take down times.
  6. Click continue to be brought to the Room Request Contact Information page. The fields are noted below, with asterisks highlighting those that are required:
    • Branch: The location of your desired meeting room is already in the field. If you need another location just hit the back button and select the location in the expanding area.
    • Room Name: The name of your desired meeting room is already in the field. If you need another room just hit the back button and select the correct room in the expanding area.
    • Date(s): The dates you need the meeting room are already in the field. If you need another date just hit the back button and select the correct date from the calendar.
    • Meeting Times: Add the specific meeting times using the drop down windows. The setup and takedown times where chosen in the previous screen, click the back button to make adjustments.
    • *Number of Attendees: How many people do you expect at your meeting? (required)
    • *Organization: What is the name of your organization? (required)
    • *Purpose: How will you use the room? (required)
    • *Contact Person's Name: What is your name (required)
    • *Primary Phone: Please provide at least a telephone number where you can be reached. (required)
    • Alternate Phone: A secondary phone number will be helpful in case there is a problem with your reservation and we need to contact you.
    • *Email: Please provide an email address where you can be reached. (required)
    • Notes: Is there anything further we should know?
    • *Select a cost classification: Deposit
    • *Is the organization non-profit? Please choose YES or NO. If you are not a non-profit organization please review our policies to make sure that you qualify for a meeting room.
    • *Select the organization's category type: Choose 'Public Meeting Rooms'
    • *Would you like the reservation to appear on the event calendar? Choose YES or NO if you would like your meeting to be on a future version of our public event calendar.
    • Some rooms have Audio / Visual equipment that you can rent for your meeting. Please indicate which pieces of and some rooms require deposits to rent them.
    • By completing this a reservation, it is understood that you have reviewed our room reservation policies and understand them. click "Verify Request" to continue.
  7. The Room Request Summary provides you an opportunity to double check the information you send us. Click "Submit Request" if the results are to your satisfaction.
  8. A confirmation page appears, along with a note that the confirmation has been sent to your email address. Instructions are included for handling deposits for rooms which require them and any A/V equipment rentals if you chose that option. You will be notified if there is a problem with the request. You will need to pay the fees and deposits within 1 week from the day of your request or it will not be approved. Please send separate checks for deposits and fees, or you can pay in person at the library where your meeting will be held.


Still have questions?

Send an email to reservations@hmcpl.org and we'll get back to you as soon as possible during regular business hours.