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Ponypalooza at Bailey Cove!

Attention, Everypony! All pony fans, bronies and pegasisters won't want to miss Ponypalooza at the Bailey Cove Public Library on Saturday, May 11, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Pony fans of all ages will have a chance to meet the illustrator of the sensationally popular bestselling comic: Madison resident Andy Price.

Costumes are encouraged. Join us for snacks, get your cutie mark painted, create your own custom pony tail and try your hand at comic writing and illustrating. 




3rd Annual Fey Masquerade Ball

Join us for a magical world of fun at the HMCPL third annual Fey Masquerade Ball October 29!

You won't want to miss the 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball on October 29 8 pm-12am at the HMCPL Main Branch Library!

Come out and enjoy music, food and dancing with teens from all around the Madison County area.   This year's theme will be all things Fey:  Light vs. Dark. Partygoers will celebrate the best in Fairy Literature, from Young Adult Book Titles like Tithe and Paranormally to Wicked Lovely and The Iron King.

A popular DJ will be spinning your favorite music, hit the dance floor with your friends!    

Come dressed in your favorite Masquerade apparel, as your favorite fey character, or in a costume of your own creation!  Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes in both Light and Dark fey.  You may even be crowned King or Queen of the ball!

Tickets for this supervised event are available at any library location or online for $10/advance, $15/at the door. 

Please note that tickets may be purchased online up to 4 p.m. on Friday, October 28Patrons who purchase their tickets online are encouraged to bring their receipt/email confirmation with them.



  • It is recommended that younger guests attend the ball between 8:00pm- 10:00pm
  • There will be a costume contest.  Come dressed in masquerade apparel, as your favorite Light or Dark Fey character, or a costume of your own creation.   Costumes must be in good taste.   Obscene or inappropriate costumers will not be allowed to enter the ball.
  • Weapons are not permitted inside the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library.  This includes weapons used as part of costumes.  If a weapon is discovered during the event, you will be removed from the ball.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs.  If you are found in possession of alcohol, drugs, or participating in any other form of misconduct, you will be removed from the ball with consideration of being permanently banned from future events.
  • Officers from the Madison County Police Department will be in attendance, both inside the event and in the parking lot.
  • Outside food or drink will not be permitted into the building during the event.
  • By purchasing this ticket, you acknowledge you are aware that representatives from the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library and electronic media will be taking photographs and video of the event for use on television, in print, and online.
  • All attendees acknowledge they will adhere to these event guidelines and all other Library policies and procedures.

Music Cafe

Music Cafe is a new summer program designed for musically inclined teens and tweens. Grab your instruments and bring them to the Madison Community Garden on Wednesdays and Thursdays during summer reading for practice space, musical moments, and to meet others you can make music with. No RSVP required. Questions? Call Doom at 256-461-0046. And keep an eye out for the Blukulele.

Homework Haven

Need a place to study for that test? Missing that final bit of research for that project? Is it too noisy where you normally study? Head to the YA area of the Madison library to enjoy a low-key study area. Study music will play while you have a place to work on homework, projects, and pick up new study tips. There will be special monthly sessions to highlight different library services in resources. Those will take place in the meeting room. No RSVP required, and it is free to the public.

Teenkers April Event: Ray Gun

Madison Teenkers! Salley forthe to the institution whence tomes of words and wisdome rest upon metallic shelves to construct the next glorious Teenkers project... Ray Guns (non-functioning, unfortunately). Teenkers will congregate in the Meeting Roome at the 5 o'clock hour this evening, Thursday, April the 24th. Should you have questions regarding our project, feel free to call upon Doom at 256-461-0046.

Tween Fandom: Chocolate Battle

A fun-filled competition with several rounds of games using chocolate.

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