Teens @ HMCPL

Divergent Movie Release Party

Celebrate the release of Divergent with activities and refreshments.

Veronica Mars Fandom Night

Challenge your knowledge of Veronica Mars in a trivia game.  Prizes will be given.  

Minecraft Mania

Are you Manic for Minecraft?  Make Minecraft-inspired crafts and refreshments to fuel your mania.  

Gaming Unplugged!

Gaming Unplugged!  Yes, non-electronic games do exist!  The Deep Comics and Games will be here with a wealth of board games for your gaming pleasure!  Sponsored by Domino's Pizza of Five Points.

Sci-Lab: Shrinky-Dinks

Remember Shrinky-Dinks?  Create your own Shrinky-Dinks into key chains, necklaces,etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Masking Tape Painting

Show off your artistic talent and create a masterpiece using paint and masking tape.

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