Teens @ HMCPL

Tween Afternoon: Painting with Miss Mandy

Join us for a fun afternoon with our library painting expert, Miss Mandy. Sign-ups are required.

Tween Fandom: Legend of Korra

Join us to "geek-out" over everything Korra and Last Airbender!

Dr. Hugh Long presents "An Introduction to Shakespeare's Theatrical Swordplay"

"Draw if you be Men"       An Introduction to Shakespeare's Theatrical Swordplay, presented by Dr. Hugh Long of Athens State University. Dr. Long will present a lecture on Swordplay in Shakespearean production, complete with stage props.

Mass Destruction at the Library

Interested in creating your own weapons of mass destruction?  How about in miniature?  Join us as we create several mini weapons of mass destruction and test them out.  

YABC: Catching Fire

Join us to create crafts, sample snacks, and discuss the book Catching Fire.

Penny Canvas Art

Create art with money!  You will distress pennies using vinegar to create and unique piece of ombre art.  Registration for this event is required.

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