Teens @ HMCPL

Christmas-In-July Anime Marathon

Christmas decorations, Christmas treats, Christmas music, and best of all: Christmas episodes from some of your favorite anime!

Anime Birthday Bash

A birthday party for America, Emily, and...um,...oh, yeah, Canadia!

Hetalia: Ask A Country

Meet the countries of the sensational webcomic/anime Hetalia!  Ask them all your burning questions like, what kind of hair products does Germany use?  Is Greece taking anything for hypersomnia?  How does America know what petrified couch stuffing tastes like? 

Sartec Rescue Dogs

Come meet the canines that help keep Huntsville safe!

K-Drama Day

Watch Korean dramas and eat Korean snacks: simple, fun, and tasty!!

Loli-Tea Party

Join us for an adorably elegant tea party!  Dress in your sweetest (or bittersweet-est) outfit and enjoy fine teas, dainty treats, and all the fun and frills you can stand.

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