Teens @ HMCPL

Tsubaki Anime Summer Masquerade Ball

 One last party before the festival comes to a close!  Get ready for a masquerade ball like no other!  Check our Facebook page for details.

Video Game Free Play

 Challenge your friends on our PS2 and Wii systems.  Also test your skills on some retro systems, like the Nintendo 64.
This month, we'll have some no-tech games, too!

Pizza & Pocky Club

 Discuss your favorite manga with other fans while chowing down on pizza and Pocky. 
Sponsored by Domino’s Pizza of 5-Points. 

Rocket City Comickers

A club centered on the creation of individual, original comics and manga. Come join the Rocket City Comickers!  Begin you own comic or manga project, or work out the kinks on your current project.  Find your inspiration!  Get peer advice.  Learn new techniques! 
Led by webcomic artists/authors Taylor and Erin Holt!  (Check out their webcomic Vampire Fetish at http://www.mangamagazine.net/manga-and-comics/Vampire-Fetish/detail-page/25?lang=en)

Anime Puppet Theatre Filming

We're creating our own anime fanfiction - and it's being acted out by puppets!  Join in the craziness as we send our favorite anime characters on a wild summer adventure! 
(FYI, "join in the craziness" means you'll get to be puppet(s), make puppets, man the camera, or help direct the action! 
Or you can just watch and laugh at everyone else as they do all this....Your choice.)

Bento for Beginners

 You know those delicious boxed lunches friends eat together in anime?  How would you like to  wow your friends (or that cute someone special) by making your very own?  Join us as we go over the basics for starting your bento obsession!  Don’t worry, it’s delicious and easy!

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