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Monrovia Family Movie Night - Dolphin Tale

Join us at Monrovia Library for a free family movie night featuring "Dolphin Tale."

Come Quill With Us At Monrovia!

Please join us at Monrovia Library as we learn the art of quilling.  We will be making simple 5 x 7 pictures using recycled magazines for quilling paper, mounted on scrapbook pages.  Please call 256-489-3392 to sign up.  Participants are asked to bring their own frame.  All other materials will be provided.  Adults and teens 16 and over only please.

Hunger Games Party

Do love love the Hunger Games trilogy? Are you excited about the movie? In celebration of the Hunger Games, coming out March 23, 2012 in theaters, the Tillman D. Hill Library in Hazel Green will be hosting a Hunger Games party on March 6th at 6:00pm. For more information call us at 256-828-9259.

JRR Tolkien Birthday Celebration

Celebrate JRR Tolkien's 120th birthday!  The movie marathon will begin at 9am and luncheon (pizza and birthday cake!) will be served at noon.  For teens 12-18.

TEEN Cosplay Workshop

Join us for our first Cosplay Workshop!

Get together and share ideas, techniques, and sewing machines!

Call Ms Maggie at 461-0046 or email mallen [at] hmcpl [dot] org for more info!

Monrovia Family Movie Night - A Dolphin Tale

Join us at Monrovia Library for a fun-filled family night as we screen "A Dolphin Tale!"

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