Teens @ HMCPL

Cool Crochet with Deb!

Deb will teach us how to make a cool amugurumi critter!  This class is good for both beginner and experienced crocheters.

Chinese Calligraphy

Learn how to make beautiful Chinese characters!  Then use your new skill to decorate your room, your notebooks, everything!

Harry Potter Party

Join us for a party filled with everything you love about your favorite boy wizard and his friends!

DJ Kandy

DJ Kandy is coming to share the ins and outs of being a great DJ!  Get a behind the scenes look at the music!

Tween TechnoJunk Night

Your mom won't let you take the toaster apart, and your dad doesn't think it's a good idea to disassemble the computer and then reassemble it, and your sister won't let you see the inside of her favorite toy.

What's a kid to do? 

Join us at the library as we take apart a variety of technological devices!  Think you can make something better?  Go for it!

This event geared towards kids 10-12.

K-Pop Chibi Rave!

Tweens!  Dance your heart out to rockin' Korean pop music with *glowsticks*! 

This event is geared towards kids ages 10-12.

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