Teens @ HMCPL

Teen Night - Belly Dancing

Learn basic Middle Eastern dance moves and rhythms, also known as belly dancing, from “Shahala” Liz Butler, instructor at Huntsville studio Nomadic Tapestry.

This is a teen only event!

Teen Movie Night - Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1

Join us as we watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  Refreshments will be served. Rated PG-13.

This is a teen only event!

Teen Night - Chinese Calligraphy

Learn the ancient art of Chinese Calligraphy.  Yin-Chi Fuller, founder and director of the Yin Chinese Academy, will offeran introduction to Chinese characters and more.

This is a teen only event!

Zombie Social

The Zombie Invasion is coming!  Congregate in Youth Services for Bloody Sundaes, zombie games, and to-die-for crafts at our final party of the Summer! 

Cool Crochet with Deb!

Deb will teach us how to make a cool amugurumi critter!  This class is good for both beginner and experienced crocheters.

Chinese Calligraphy

Learn how to make beautiful Chinese characters!  Then use your new skill to decorate your room, your notebooks, everything!

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