Teens @ HMCPL

Teen Anime Club

Love anime?  So do we!  Connect with other anime fans each month as we screen a different anime, try interesting Japanese snacks, and explore Japanese culture.

Pizza & Pocky Club

Graphic novels and manga are more than just cartoons — they are a deep and complex mix of art and literature. Join other graphic novel/manga fans in discussing the richness of this literary form — and all your favorite things about comic book culture!  This month's selection: Megatokyo (www.megatokyo.com).

"Why? Why learn? Why submit yourself to Great Teacher Largo?? What is in it for you? I will tell you... Because knowl3dg3 is pow3r!!" ~ Megatokyo, # 153

Teen Gaming Free-for-All

Gaming encourages critical thinking, creativity, and social interaction.  Sharpen your skills with us each Saturday as we host a different game. You can spar with other enthusiasts in games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Lego Star Wars, Rock Band, etc.

DIY Holiday Art

This workshop is for the artistic and not-so-artistic alike.  We’ll show you how to put your own style into a funky holiday painting.  You’ll get some cool new art for your room and the chance to see your friends shock when you tell them you made it yourself!  For teens, 12-18.

Deckin' the Halls

Help jazz up the teen area for the holidays!  Unleash your quirky creative juices as we make our own decorations from recycled materials and other odds and ends.  For teens, 12-18.

Teen Anime Club Christmas Party!

Don your cosplay and join us for the best party of the season!  In addition to our monthly screening, we’ll watch AMVs, make candy sushi, and vote for the best cosplay!  Meri Kurisumasu!

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