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Cover art totally snowed!

Due to the massive snow storm in the northeast United States, the power has been lost to one of our content providers. This particular service is the source of a large quantity of the cover art we use in our catalog searches.

The net effect for you is that the search results you get will have broken cover art, and searches take a lot longer to load. We've experimented with turning the link to this particular provider off, but have found that other services are negatively impacted, making matters even worse.

So, while we await the delivery and connection of some very large generators to our content provider, you'll see noticably slower performance in our catalog searches. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope you understand that there are millions who are even more negatively impacted by this weather event, and in this connected era, even we in Madison County can be affected by a nor'easter!

Watch this post for updates as we continue to monitor the situation for you.

Update: 1-Nov-2011 13:27

Performance has taken a drastic turn for the worse. We have turned off the cover art content at this time. Please excuse the ugly blue placeholder images, but you should find that your searches will work much faster now.

Update: 2-Nov-2011  10:13

And our provider is back on-line! All of our cover art should appear as normal. Thanks for your patience and understanding through this service interruption!