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Anger Management Group

General info
Meeting times:

Classes are taught on Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. Students must select one of the two classes and attend the same class each week for ten weeks. Students must call, make an appointment to enroll, and subsequently attend an orientation. Orientations are mandatory prior to attending the classes. Details are covered in the initial appointment.

Meeting location:

This group meets at the Family Services Center.

Notes or comments:

Twelve week course that teaches individuals to take responsibility for their behavior and how to channel anger appropriately. Different behavioral and cognitive techniques are used to help the individual gain insight into his/her anger trigger points. The course is broken down into anger management, stress management, emotional intelligence, and communication processes. Participants become more aware of their own stress and anger signals. Subject matter includes Understanding Anger, The Anger Ladder, Domestic Violence Issues, Role of Substance Abuse in Anger, Rage in our Society, Becoming the Victim, and Road Rage. Certified through Anderson & Anderson of California, using the renowned book, Gaining Control of Ourselves. ***There may be a price for the book***

Contact 1
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Family Services Center
Street Address:
600 St Clair Ave. Building #3
Email: Work phone:
(256) 551-1610
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