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Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County

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The Chamber’s Vision

The Huntsville Regional Economic Growth Initiative (HREGI), under the stewardship of the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County, will establish Huntsville/Madison County as a stronger and more visible community in the national competition for economic growth. The Initiative’s overarching vision is for our community to become a primary center of technology in the South and in the nation. HREGI is designed to position the Huntsville area as one of the leading economic growth centers in the Southeast, comparing consistently and favorably with Austin, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and other peer technology-based U.S. cities.

The Chamber’s Mission

The Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County is an organization of business professionals and local leaders working to ensure a sustainable and sound economic future for the Huntsville region. The Chamber’s mission is to prepare, develop and promote our community for economic growth. Meeting our goals and objectives is made possible through the investment of our private and public sector partners and the dedicated efforts of Chamber volunteers, community leaders and a talented Chamber staff focused on advancing the economic development growth of our community.

Every aspect of the Chamber’s work supports the primary objective of the organization – growing and improving our local economy and directly influencing an enhanced quality of life for all citizens in the Huntsville region.

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