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Huntsville Area Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities

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"Our Mission:

The Huntsville Area Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (HACEPD) is Huntsville's designated leadership and coordination group on issues related to employment of people with disabilities. Here you will find information and resources of interest to job seekers and to employers seeking to hire or accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Our mission is two-fold - educate employers and assist job seekers. The mission is accomplished with two distinct pathways:

1. Employers: Our goal is to educate and inform employers' Human Resources staff regarding the potential workforce available. We offer training seminars, ADA information, on-site diversity lectures, and general information related to hiring persons with disabilities. For more information about services for employers, please click here.

2. Jobseekers: The Governor's Committee does not actually provide jobs, nor do we hire people. We partner with local agencies to provide job vacancy information to individuals with disabilities seeking employment. Our agency partners provide a wide range of services including assistance job development, job placement, and job referrals; assistance completing job applications, creating resumes and interview training. Once hired, if needed, the agency partners also can offer on-the-job training and job coaching. To learn more about job openings and services, please click here.

We offer outreach, awareness, support and resources to employers and job seekers on the employment and accommodation of people of all abilities. Our membership is broad and unique - as we represent a cross section of disability groups, businesses, and service agencies. Our goal is to offer you - employers and job seekers coming to this website - the information and resources you need. Thank you for visiting our website; please come back often!"
~HACEPED Website

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