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Freegal Music

freegal music Huntsville-Madison Public Library card holders will now be able to access songs from the Sony Music Entertainment catalog at no charge! You can download up to three Sony Music tracks in mp3 format per week from Freegal Music, and you'll only need a library card number and PIN to get started.

Why is it called "Freegal"? It's a combination of words explaining what it is: free and legal music! Freegal is a downloadable music service, similar to iTunes and Amazon MP3, that gives patrons access to hundreds of thousands of songs, over 100 genres of music, and more than 50 record labels, all without having to download software or worry about digital rights management (DRM) issues.  Access is limited to residents of Huntsville and Madison County.

  • How do I log in to Freegal?

    To access Freegal Music, click the "My Digital Library" link at the top of any page on

    Screenshot showing where to find your Digital Library.

    In the middle of this page is a place to verify your library card number and PIN.

    Screenshot showing where to sign in with your library card and PIN.

    Until you're logged in, the link for logging in to Freegal will be greyed out, with a "Log in to access" banner over it.

    Screenshot showing where to sign in with your library card and PIN.

    After you've logged in, the link will be active and the banner will disappear.

  • What's my library card number?

    It's the 14-digit number on your library card. It starts with 2156200.

  • What's my PIN?

    If you never set a unique PIN number or you've forgotten it, please visit one of our branches for assistance.  For security reasons we cannot issue PINs over the phone or via email.

    Find a branch near you.

  • How does Freegal Music work?

    A download usage counter is located in the upper right corner of displaying your weekly allotment.  For instance, "1/3" means that you have a weekly limit of 3 downloads, and you have used 1 of those downloads.  Each Monday your download usage is reset to zero.

    Screenshot showing this user has used 0 of their 3 available downloads this week.

  • How do I download a song?

    When you've selected an artist and song you want from Freegal's menu, click on the "Download Now" link next to your chosen song. At the prompt, select Save and choose where you want to save the song. If you're not presented with a prompt, try right-clicking the link and choosing the option to save the link (i.e. Save Target As, Save Link As, or Download Linked File, etc.). This will let you choose where to save your song.

    Note: Anytime you click on the "Download Now" link, even if you decide to cancel it, the download will count towards your weekly allotment.

    Screenshot showing the Download Now link for a song on Freegal.
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  • How many songs can I download?

    You may download up to three songs per week, per library card user.  Each Monday morning, your download count is reset back to zero.  After that time you may download three more songs over the following week.  You can add songs to your wishlist at any time.

    Screenshot showing this user has used 0 of their 3 available downloads this week.

  • Why does the counter say I've downloaded three songs when I'm sure I haven't?

    You may have started a download then changed your mind and canceled it. Once you click download it can’t be reversed. It will count toward your download limit.

  • Can I download a whole album?

    Songs are available on an individual basis only. You can choose, over time, to download all the songs on an album. However, previewing a song will help you decide if you have favorites and don’t want them all.

  • What is the song clip?

    The song clip allows you to preview a song so you can determine if you want to use your allotment of downloads on a particular song. To listen to the song clip, click on the arrow to the left of the track.

    Screenshot showing the Download Now link for a song on Freegal.
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  • What is a wishlist?

    This tool allows you to manage the songs you want to download once you've reached your three-song limit for the week,.  During this time, the "download now" button is replaced with a "add to wishlist" button.

  • How many ways can I search for a song or artist? is set up to browse or search for your favorite music or artist.  You can use the navigation at the top of the page to browse by keyword, genre, featured artist or newly added artist; or you can simply use our advanced search page.  Freegal also offers an easy-to-use A-Z quick find at the bottom of the homepage.

    Screenshot showing the alphabetical artist list on Freegal.
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  • Need technical help?

    If you're having difficulties logging in with your library card number and PIN, please visit the MyAccount Help page at for tips and suggestions. If you are already logged in but are having trouble searching for an artist or downloading a song, please visit the Freegal FAQ section at for more help.

  • Expanded Freegal Access

    Due to popular demand, we're happy to announce that Freegal will be bringing you even more of your favorite artists, albums and more of today's most popular selections. No matter your musical preference, the Freegal service will have the tunes you want for FREE!

    However, we do want parents to be aware that there may be some musical selections available in the expanded library to which you would choose to not allow your children to listen. The Freegal service is available to any holder of a HMCPL Library Card, with no proof of age requirement; therefore, the library has no way to limit access and recommends that parents monitor their children's use of Freegal just as you monitor any other computer and internet activities in which your child may engage.