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Resources for the Military Community


Military Financial Tools from FINRA:

Everyday Finances

Whether you're buying your first car or saving for a down payment on a home, these resources can help you with the basics of saving, spending and planning for a bright financial future.

Credit and Debt

Managing your debt can help you maintain good credit, stay within budget and achieve your financial goals. Get started with these tips and resources. 

Important Legislation

Military service brings with it protections and benefits that every service member should be aware of. Here, we've provided a summary of important legislation that impacts service members' financial well-being. 

Paying for College

Sending children to college can be hard in many ways, not least of all on your finances. Learn the tools you need to save for your child’s college years. 


Transition to civilian life can be a culture shock, but you can successfully navigate the transition. These resources can get you going in the right direction.


Do you feel confident in your ability to retire comfortably? Use our retirement tools and information to make sure you are on the right track. 

More Useful Information:


Creative Saving Strategies from the U.S. Navy (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, US Government)

Scams That Target the Military: How Service Members Can Fight for Financial Security at Home  (Military OneSource)

Protecting Your Finances  (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, US Government)

Planning for Your Future  (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, US Government)


Information for Service Members  (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, US Government)

Smart Military Money  (Veterans United)

Additional Personal Financial Management Resources (Family Centers)  (Military OneSource)

Personal Finance Guide for Military Families  (Kiplinger and the Better Business Bureau)

A Salute to Smart Investing  (New Jersey Attorney General’s Office)

Veterans Guide to a Criminal Justice Degree (Community for Accredited Online Schools)

Vocational and Trade School for Veterans (Community for Accredited Online Schools)

Higher Education Guidebook for Veterans (Community for Accredited Online Schools)


Identity Theft Protection for Active Military and Veterans: Advice for Securing Your Identity While on Duty and at Home (

The Service member's Guide to Financial Scams: How Veterans, Active Duty Members and Military Families Can Avoid Fraud (



Tax Information  (IRS)

Benefits for Surviving Family Members from the Veterans Benefits Administration (Department of Veterans Affairs)

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