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Resources for Youth

Videos for Youth from FINRA:

Meet Taylor & Tyler, who will help you learn careful financial planning. Be prepared to make wise decisions about earning and spending, credit and budgeting, and saving and investing!

Visit FINRA's Financial Basics: Teens and Money for more!

Library Materials for Youth:

$$Cha-ching!$$ : a girl's guide to spending and saving
by Weeldreyer, Laura. Provides basic information about earning money, keeping a budget, saving and investing.
Rich dad, poor dad for teens : the secrets about money, that you don't learn in school!
by Kiyosaki, Robert T. This special just-for-teens edition builds a foundation of self-confidence from which readers can realize their dreams of financial security in an increasingly challenging and unreliable job market.
Barron's money sense for kids
by Harman, Hollis Page. Explains the nature of money, the different ways in which it can be represented, and how it can be saved or invested, discussing mutual funds, the stock market, banks, and inflation. Includes games and activities.
The Kids Allowance Book Nathan, Amy. Palen, Debbie. A guide to all aspects of allowances, including how to get one, how to save it, and how to use it wisely.



The everything kids' money book Mayr, Diane. Discusses the development of money as a medium of exchange, from early bartering to modern ATM machines. Money Madness Adler, David A.
This beginning guide to economics will have readers thinking about the purpose, and not just the value, of money. From bartering, early forms of currency, credit cards, and digital payment, here is a clear and thorough introduction to money.
Budgeting tips for kids Orr, Tamra. Learn with Hannah and her classmates why balancing what you earn (income) and what you spend (expenses) is an important lesson at any age


The kids' money book : earning, saving, spending, investing, donating McGillian, Jamie Kyle. Phillips, Ian. Introduces how to manage money, from earning an allowance to budgeting to saving for college.


Save, spend, or donate? : a book about managing money Loewen, Nancy, 1964- Jensen, Brian,
Josie and Sam allocate their allowances in different ways and learn a lesson in money management.


Web Resources for Youth:

An initiative from the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, Money As You Grow offers 20 essential, age-appropriate financial lessons—with corresponding activities—that kids need to know as they grow. Written in down-to-earth language for children and their families, Money as You Grow will help equip kids with the knowledge they need to live fiscally fit lives. The lessons in Money as You Grow are based on more than a year of research, and drawn from dozens of standards, curricula, and academic studies.


Developed by Visa and leading consumer advocates, educators, and financial institutions, Practical Money Skills for Life  is designed to help consumers and students of all ages learn the essentials of personal finance.  Practical Money Skills develops dynamic, educational video games engage kids while teaching them important money skills.  Money Metropolis allows kids ages 7–12 to navigate a multi-dimensional world, making life decisions that will affect whether their virtual bank account shrinks or grows. See the Practical Money Skills website to play additional kids' money games.

We invite you and your family to explore site. It will give you a fun and interactive way to learn about all the things people do with money: earning, saving, spending, investing, donating safeguarding, and borrowing. is endorsed by the American Library Association as a Great Web Site for Kids. More than 400 Web sites were evaluated based on their authorship, sponsorship, content, purpose, design and stability by the Association for Library Services to Children Great Web Sites Committee.

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