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Introducing our new website

Welcome to our updated website. We've now had a website serving Madison County for over 15 years, this is our second major upgrade to that site, and third new website in the past 2 years.
Some of the great new features we're introducing with this new site include:

  • A more open, inviting design, making it easier for you to find what you need
  • A consistent set of standards for the styling of every facet of the site
  • An easier to navigate menu system, with multiple ways to find any information you may need
  • Quicker, more available access to some of our digital assets, such as ebooks, movies, and music
  • Improved data source access for our Reference pages
  • A mobile-ready, "responsive" design
  • An improved on-line job application system
  • Upgraded server software that drives the site
  • Many repaired, long term problems from our old site.

Coming soon, we'll also have:

  • A single, improved calendaring system for room reservations and events
  • Improved integration of our expanding collection (both analog and digital).

So poke around, learn more about our Libraries and services, and maybe find some stuff you might never have known we offered. I hope you find this upgrade useful; we've been working on this for over a year, and today's the day where you get to see the fruits of our labors.