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Lift Off: Destination Library

Huntsville and Madison County leaders held a press conference on Wednesday April 15th outside Grissom High School to announce crossing a significant milestone for the New Bailey Cove Library. Over the past few months, Madison County Commissioner Phil Riddick has partnered with the City of Huntsville, the Huntsville Madison County Public Library System and over 90 individuals and corporate partners on a capital campaign to construct a new state-of-the-art library facility in South Huntsville. To date the project has raised over 60% of the $8.4M goal.

“Today, I am committing $100,000 from the Chairman’s budget to this important project,” announced, Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong. “With $2 Million in support from the City of Huntsville and over $2 Million in support from Madison County District 5, this project is well on its way towards completion. This money is your money, not the city or county’s money and should be spent in your community to improve the quality of life for your family and your future generations,” continued Strong.
“From beginning conversations to today’s milestone celebration, I have been excited about the enthusiasm and support that South Huntsville residents have shown for this project,” stated County Commissioner Phil Riddick. “Our community enjoys an excellent quality of life. It is projects like this, along with other development projects, which will continue to draw families to South Huntsville. These are exciting times for all of us in South Huntsville.”

The completion of this $8.4 million public-private partnership will produce a 40,000 square foot high tech library facility on the original Grissom High School site. The new library will serve as the anchor of a broader repurposing effort by the City of Huntsville to produce “The Educational and Social Heart of South Huntsville”.