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Jefferson Bass returns with a new thriller

Ready for a new thriller from the Body Farm writing team? Journalist Jon Jefferson and forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass will return to the Downtown Huntsville Library on Wednesday, June 17, at 7 p.m. with The Breaking Point. Admission is free. Books will be available for sale and signing.

The ninth Body Farm Novel from New York Times bestselling authors Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson — writing together as Jefferson Bass — follows forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton (the fiction doppelganger of Dr. Bass himself) as he’s drawn into a high-profile FBI investigation to identify charred remains from a fiery plane crash, even as a prior case comes back to haunt him.

When the book opens, Dr. Brockton is riding high, enjoying professional acclaim and personal contentment. His family is finally healing following a scarring face-off with a sadistic serial killer named Satterfield, and Brockton’s career is flourishing as his Body Farm continues to pioneer groundbreaking forensic research with the help of unclaimed cadavers. But Brockton’s life turns upside-down after the FBI calls on his expertise to identify the remains of a pilot killed in a catastrophic plane crash near the Mexican border.

Brockton identifies the scorched bones as those of Richard Janus, a maverick humanitarian whose daring airlifts to international disaster sites have made him a swashbuckling celebrity. But when Brockton’s identification is called into question by an aggressive, self-promoting journalist, the scientist finds himself in the middle of a nasty political battle filled with covert ops, secret agendas, a ruthless drug kingpin, and the celebrity pilot’s labyrinthine web of secrets. Was the mountainside crash really an accident? Could it have been suicide – or even murder?

As if his volatile job didn’t inspire enough unrest, an unstamped package mysteriously arrives in Brockton’s mailbox. The sender? The killer Satterfield. Will Brockton be able to weather the personal and professional onslaught…or will it push him past his breaking point?

Authenticated by Dr. Bass’s unrivaled expertise in forensic anthropology and buoyed by Jefferson’s narrative deftness and literary flair, The Breaking Point brims with exacting, informed, and gripping scientific detail, coupled with more twists and turns than a Tennessee mountain two-lane.