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BHM Library Event - Teen TED Talk Open Discussion Series

Downtown Huntsville Library
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Lectures and Workshops
Thursday, February 2, 2017 - 3:30pm

The library will host a special class in the Technology Training Center.

2/2-The Black Balloon
Young people often look to trusted adults to provide them guidance and clarity in life. The Black Balloon is a poem that depicts a situation in which a young boy wondered if the color of the balloon affected its ability to float away. This poem will be used to discuss how physical characteristics may or may not affect a person’s potential in life. And how stereotyping may also affect a person.

2/9-Box of Crayons
This is a vivid story about a box of crayons that did not get along. At first they disliked each other, but after learning to value each other’s unique qualities, the crayons in the box began to appreciate each other as they worked together to create a beautiful picture. The colorful characters in this carefully created story will help promote open-mindedness and cooperation and to dispel stereotypes about different groups of people.

2/16-If All Trees Were Oak
This poem paints a picture of how the world would be without diversity. It will be used to discuss the importance of valuing differences in people. The focus will be broad in scope—not limited to race issues. Dialouge may be expanded to include physical disabilities; learning styles; places of residence: urban, rural, and suburban; rich, poor; age; gender; religion; morals, values, traditions, and more.

2/23-The Man and the Eagle
The man changed the bird drastically in this story. Without valuing the bird’s special qualities, the man altered the bird to what he thought would be better. This story will be used to discuss discrimination and the effect it has on those who are discriminated against.

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