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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, these are the most frequently asked questions about our rooms. Still need help? Email or contact the Branch Library in which you need assistance.

  • What type of items are available? Makerspace equipment, study rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and event spaces. More information on each of these items may be found on the Amenities page or within the reservation software.
  • How much do the rooms or spaces cost? Pricing is based on the maximum capacity and use of the larger rooms and event spaces; the smaller rooms are free to use. The larger rooms and event spaces require a $50 refundable security deposit plus an hourly rental fee (ranging from $30/hr to $100/hr) which must be applied to reservations for individuals or for-profit businesses in the form of the “Mandatory Hourly Fee” under Additions. Verified 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations and Government or Educational interests may use the rooms without an hourly fee. A full list of the room charges may be found here and a list of the optional charges or options are here
  • How much does it cost to use the Makerspace equipment? There is no fee to use the Makerspace equipment with the exception of a small materials fee that is created after your item is created and weighed. Contact the Madison Public Library or the Cavalry Hill Public Library for more information. 
  • Is there a waiver needed to use the Makerspace equipment? Yes, the waiver can be downloaded here
  • How many reservations can I make and how often can I make them? The smaller rooms may be reserved immediately, one day at a time and up to one month in advance. The larger rooms and event spaces may be reserved with seven days prior notice, up to six times in six months with six months in advance of the request. The maker-space equipment may be reserved three days in prior notice, one per day and 32 days in advance.
  • How do I make a reservation? Reservation are made online at and require a library card. More information on how to create a reservation request may be found on our Instructions page.
  • Where do I sign up for a Library Card? Visit your Branch Library or register online at to apply for your card.
  • How will you verify my account if I register online? If you register online you'll need to then contact the Booking Team at the library in which you want to hold your event so that we can get your account connected to the software. Use these email links Downtown Huntsville Library Large Meeting Rooms, Downtown Huntsville Library Small Study Rooms, Madison Public Library, Bailey Cove Branch Library, Eleanor E. Murphy Branch Library, or the Gurley Public LIbrary and send an image of your photo ID from the email you used to register your new library acount. Your new account will be approved and you may begin creating reservation requests. 
  • May I come see the room before I create a reservation request? Yes, contact the branch library in which you'd like to reserve space to set up an appointment.
  • How do I get the room or makerspace equipment that I have reserved? To claim your reservation, please present your confirmation number to library staff. 
  • Can my reservation be claimed by someone else if I give permission? No, reservations may only be claimed by the person who made the reservation.
  • What happens if I am late to claim my Study Room reservation? Study Room reservations will be held for 30 minutes after the start time. After 30 minutes, the reservation will be canceled. If you know that you will be late please call and let us know.
  • Can I edit or cancel my reservation? You may cancel your room request via the link you were sent when you created the reservation, logging into with your credentials and choosing “cancel.” You may also call the Branch Library. Penalties will apply if meeting rooms or event space reservations are canceled less than 7 days prior to the event. Please contact the hosting branch if you need to edit your reservation or request.
  • Can you add my organization to the system? Yes, we’ll need to create an Organizational Library Card. Email or contact the branch library in which you’d like to hold your meeting to begin the process.
  • What options are available in the rooms? Some rooms offer fee-based additions such as Audiovisual Technical Support, After Hours Use (Per Hour, 4hr Min), Alcohol Fee, Staff Setup and Takedown, Merchandise Sales, or for a Ticketed or Private event and can be added as Additions in reservation process. Details of the optional charges are available in the room reservation system prior to submission or on this page.
  • When do I need to pay for the Room? All fees and deposits must be paid within 7 days after approval or the reservation may be canceled.
  • How do I pay for my room? At this time we are not taking online payments. Please visit the library in which you are holding the event, along with your email confirmation or a printed copy of your web confirmation, during regular business hours within 7 days of approval.
  • When do I get my security deposit back? If the room is left in the same condition and after filing out the refund request, security deposits will be refunded via check from our Business office two weeks after your event is over provided there is no damage to the room. You may also leave the deposit with us for your next reservation, contact your branch library for more information.
  • How many people can fit comfortably in a room? While the maximum capacities are built into the software, the Amenities page has more details on room capacities as well as an approximate number of chairs and tables available to you. Please be aware seating or table arrangements may reduce Accessibility or comfort levels. Library staff will intervene if Accessibility is jeopardized.
  • May I bring food or beverages to the rooms? Yes, to the larger meeting rooms and event spaces.
  • May I have the room set up for me? Staff Setup and Takedown may be purchased for some rooms and is available in the reservation system as an Addition. Layouts choices are available on on the Room Setup Options page .
  • May I continue to use the room after the Library is closed? After-Hours use is available for a fee at some locations when arranged in advance. For after hours events, please choose the "After hours fee" and also include any details in the comments section about your event. A library employee will contact you to finalize after hours plans Otherwise, patron events are required to end before the hosting branch closes. Cleanup must be completed at least five minutes before the Library closes or fines will be incurred.
  • May I serve alcohol at my event? Yes, provided that you purchase the Addition and adhere to these policies:
    • The caterer for the event must hold the necessary local and state alcohol licenses and abide by all local and state laws pertaining to the service of alcoholic beverages.
    • The room requestor must provide ATF Certified bartender.
    • The Alcohol Fee does not cover the payment to the Bartender and the requestor will pay the bartender directly.
    • The room requester is fully responsible for the alcohol consumption of guests and their behavior. Alcohol can only be served in the room reserved for use.
  • May I charge admission to my event? Regardless of organization type, admission charges require selection and payment of the “Ticket or Private” event option in the reservation process.
  • May my event be private? If the event, or any part of the event, is private, an optional fee called “Ticketed or Private Event” is required, regardless of organization type.
  • May I sell merchandise or memberships at my event? Any merchandise sales, fundraisers, or activity generating revenue, regardless of whether goods or services are sold at the meeting, requires selection and payment of the “Merchandise Sales” event option in the reservation process.
  • May I use the Audio/Visual equipment? Yes, we'll gladly allow you to rent our A/V equipment if it is available for the room you require for a fee. In the Additions for each room, you’ll see “Audiovisual Package (with MIC)” or “Audiovisual Package (without MIC).” If you need specific items an A/V Equipment List is also available, please let your Branch Library know your requirements. You'll be able to choose which equipment option you need when you select your room in the Online Reservation System. Contact your Branch Library to schedule an appointment to be trained on our AV system.
  • Is a laptop provided when I rent the AV system? Laptops are not provided. Some locations have laptops available for checkout with your library card.
  • Who do I talk to about a reservation or if I need more information? Contact your Branch Library via email using these email links: Downtown Huntsville Library Large Meeting Rooms, Downtown Huntsville Library Small Study Rooms, Madison Public Library, Bailey Cove Branch Library, Eleanor E. Murphy Branch Library, or the Gurley Public LIbrary. You may also send an email to

Thank you for using the library!