Darkroom Use

The Darkroom is available for formal educational purposes and personal use by students of photography and photographers.  Patrons must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Have a current Huntsville-Madison County Public Library card in good standing
  2. Supply proof of darkroom knowledge (i.e. - class syllabus, teacher recommendation, portfolio
  3. Complete and sign a 'Darkroom Application and Responsibility' form.

The Darkroom is generally available for individual use only with the exception of parent and child or qualified teacher and student unless otherwise approved by a manager.

Persons using the facility must provide their own chemicals and paper.

There is no on-site storage.

The Darkroom is available during Library hours.  Clean-up must be completed by closing.

The Darkroom can be reserved in advance in four hour increments by contacting the Audio Visual Department at (256) 532-5947.

The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library assumes no responsibility for personal injuries, thefts or losses of private property while using the Darkroom.