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Cosplay Contest Rules

There are three age categories for the costume contest. Judges will view all participants from each age group and then one winner and one runnerup from each group will be announced. Prizes will be awarded at the time winners are announced. All judges’ decisions are final.

1. You must complete a Cosplay Contest Registration Form before noon the day of the contest if you intend to participate in the Costume Contest. Last minute or unregistered entries in the contest are not guaranteed a chance to compete. No exceptions.

2. You will be given your entry number the day of the contest. Contestants will be seen by the judges in order of entry.

3. Your costume must meet all of the Cosplay Costume and Props/Weapons Policies.

4. Group costumes are allowed. If a member of your group is late, you may be asked to let other contestants go ahead of you.

5. Please do not linger on the stage, in character or not. Everyone deserves a chance to have their costume seen, so please be mindful of contestants waiting their turn behind you.

6. Heckling, catcalling, or other disruptive or unsportsman-like conduct will result in your disqualification from the contest, and you may be asked to leave the convention.

7. No part of your costume should be removed, destroyed or otherwise startle or interact with the audience.

8. Humans are the only life form that should be a part of your costume. Pets and/or wild animals are forbidden.

9. Robots adhering to Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics are allowed, provided they are kept strictly under a human operator's control and the operator is also entered in the contest under the same entry and is present on stage with them.