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Cosplay Costume Policy

Now for the boring, yet necessary legal stuff. Hey, keep it family friendly!

Cosplay Rules and Requirements

Rocket City NerdCon is pleased to invite attendees to participate in the Costume Contest, and encourages congoers to show off their cosplays throughout the convention. The following rules and regulations must be adhered to for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees. Failure to comply with the rules below will be cause for your expulsion from the convention. Repeated offenses will be grounds for banning from all future conventions. All costumes and/or cosplay outfits must adhere to the following guidelines, regardless of the attendees’ age. Underage attendees violating the rules will be asked to leave along with their accompanying adult. There will be no exceptions.

Cosplay Costume Policy

1. Use common sense. Overly outlandish or movement-restricting costumes are discouraged as library walkways and rooms may not accommodate your costume. If you are participating in the Costume Contest and have large wings or other appendages for your costume, you are advised to make them detachable so that you may enjoy the rest of the convention without damaging them. 

2. Cover your body parts. Excessively revealing or vulgar costumes will not be permitted, regardless of the character being portrayed. No intentional or unintentional “wardrobe malfunctions” are allowed. If you are not within the guidelines of appropriate costumes, you will be asked to cover up. RCNC and HMCPL will approve all costumes at the registration table before you are admitted to the Con. 

3. All costumes should be sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments and durability throughout the day. 

4. Do not wear any uniforms that may be too realistic. You should not be confused with official law enforcement, military personnel, or security staff. 

5. Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols, will not be tolerated at Rocket City NerdCon. 

6. Offensive costumes are not allowed. 

7. Please do not incorporate in your costume any signs offering services or making requests to be hugged or touched, even if they are in character. 

8. Costumes with moving parts or extra appendages must remain in the wearer's control at all times. 

9. Changing rooms or stations will NOT be provided. No rooms in the library, including all bathrooms and study rooms and offices, are acceptable for attendees to change clothing in. 

Please come in the outfit or costume you intend to wear for the day. You will be allowed to leave during the convention, and can leave to change costumes or change into regular clothes after the Costume Contest before returning to the convention if you desire, but all new costumes must be re-approved at the Registration Table and Props Checkpoint. 

Attendees whose costumes violate the above rules or are otherwise deemed unfit for the convention will be asked to leave. Attendees may choose to change outfits and return to the convention in appropriate attire, at which point they will be allowed entrance if they left the convention in good standing.



View the Cosplay Props and Weapons Policy here.

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