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Local authors shine at Southern Authors Expo

Southern Authors ExpoCome to the Downtown Huntsville Library on Saturday, Aug. 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the Southern Authors Expo. The library will be filled to the gills that day with local and regional authors ready to share their works with you. Huntsville is already home to a few notable authors...maybe you'll meet the next Homer Hickam or Ilsa Bick!

The Southern Authors Expo offers the opportunity to connect authors and readers and for aspiring authors to meet others like themselves. The expo will have speakers and panels throughout the day. Our featured authors this year are:



Lesia Flynn
Lesia Flynn

Lesia Flynn: Lesia Flynn first fell for romance when her mother gave her a paperback romance novel. One book later, and she was hooked on love. Lesia was born and raised in Louisiana, and studied graphic design at Louisiana Tech University. She loves libraries, gardening, travel, art of all kinds, and playing some really bad guitar for her neighbor's cows. Lesia is an active member of the Heart of Dixie Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Visit her website.




Ashley Chappell
Ashley Chappell

Ashley Chappell: Ashley Chappell is the author of the young adult fantasy Dreams of Chaos series and the irreverent paranormal romp, Of War and Taters. Chappell currently resides in Huntsville. When not writing, reviewing, or burying her nose in one of her well-worn Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman novels, she can be found sailing with her husband on their boat ‘Dupracity’ (Fans of Kurt Vonnegut will want to ask her what that means). Visit her website.



Intoxicating History

Sarah Bélanger and Kamara Bowling Davis: Local authors whose first book, North Alabama Beer: An Intoxicating History, is being released by Arcadia Press this August. North Alabama built its first commercial brewery in Huntsville in 1819, three months before the state joined the Union. Before Prohibition in 1915, the region was peppered with numerous saloons, taverns and dance halls. Locals still found ways to get their booze during Prohibition using Tennessee River steamboats and secret tunnels for smuggling. Alabama re-legalized beer in 1937, but it wasn’t until 2004, when the grass-roots organization Free the Hops took on the state’s harsh beer laws that the craft beer scene really began to flourish. Trace the history of beer in North Alabama from the early saloon days to the craft beer explosion. We will have copies of this book available for purchase and autograph at the expo, a special treat from their publisher as the book won't officially be released until August.

Jell's 4 Ever BBQ and Pearl Asian Cuisine food trucks will be available for lunch in the parking lot from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Showers Center Friends of the Library host a bake sale as well. The Southern Authors Expo is free to attend and open to the public. Authors will have copies of their books for purchase. Support our homegrown talent at the Expo! 

Schedule of Events

10 a.m.:  Romance Panel--Angela Blount, Lesia Flynn, Betty Bolte, Bonnie Gardner

11a.m.: Featured Author– Lesia Flynn

12 p.m.: Young Adult  Panel--Alex White, A.G. Porter,  K.M. Higginbotham, Ashley Chappell, Nina Soden

1 p.m.: Featured Author– Ashley Chappell

2 p.m.:  Featured Author- Sarah Bélanger and Kamara Bowling Davis—Local authors Sarah Bélanger and Kamara Bowling Davis share their newest book North Alabama Beer: An Intoxicating History as they talk about the research and tribulations that went into preparing their book.

3 p.m.: Non-Fiction Panel--Sasha Reynolds, Tom Brandon, Frank Chase Jr., Terri French, Kami Davis and Sarah Belanger


Here are the authors who will be at the Expo:




S.D. McPhail

Fantasy, Science Fiction

Treasures of Dodrazeb: The Origin Key; Between the Wall and the Fire (Anthology)

Sasha Reynolds

True Crime / Memoir

Similar Transactions

Tracy Kozinski

Fiction, Epic Fantasy

The Darkness That Slept, The Allistars Heart

Annie M. Cole

Southern Fiction, Inspirational

Bell Forest, Water on a Sea Star, Silver Leaf, Murmuring Cove, Summer's Keep

Tom Brandon

Humor, Nonfiction

Mr. Brandon's School Bus (What I Heard On The Way To School)

Michael Guillebeau


Play Nice

Amber D. Tran

Young Adult, Coming-of-Age

Moon River

Ray Hensley


The C.R.A.C.K. (Creatures Real And Certain Killers)

Nina Soden

Young Adult, New Adult Preternatural Fiction

Awaken, Beginnins, Revenge, Pursuit, The Chosen, The Hunted

Judd Vowell


Overthrown I and Overthrown II

Dixie Distler

Historical Fiction

The Life and Times of Bob Cratchit

Cathryn Buse


Teaching Others to Defend Christianity

Libby Ware

Historical Fiction


Susan Larson

Children's Picture Books

There's A Fly In My Ear and There's A Cat On My Head

Frank Chase Jr

Self-Help Christian

Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway? and False Roads To Manhood

Virgil Moon

Historical Fiction

The Picket

Khristina Chess

Young Adult

Straight A's, Hollow Beauty, The Future Unborn, Drive to June

Jamie Dodson

Historical Fiction

Black Dragons Attack, A Nick Grant Adventure

Mack & Margaret Vann

Prose, Poetry

Creek Bottom Home, Can This Be Heaven

Patty Cake Publishing

Children's Picture Books

It's a Merry Christmas When Pig's Fly

Durwood White



Dr. Ramona L Hyman


I Am Black America

Charlene Ball

Historical Fiction

Dark Lady: A Novel of Emilia Bassano Lanyer

Vaughn Publications

Aviation History

There is Something in the Sky, Clemson University Aviation and Space Heritage

Lesia Flynn



Ashley Chappell

Young Adult


Kami Bowling Davis and Sarah Belanger



K.M. Higginbotham

YA Fantasy

Keeper: The Book of Aon

Angela Blount

Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary, Memoir

Once Upon a Road Trip and Once Upon an Ever After

Gwarmekia LaFaye

Children's Book

April and Juanita- a book about bullying

James Logan


Pouring Water on the Hands of the King

Michal Logan


Beyond the Mirror

Jessica Temple


Seamless and Other Legends

MaKayla Bryson


The DNA Scars of Divorced Children

Jennifer Jonas

Music, Inspiration

Touching Lives, One Song at a Time

Randy Moses

Youth Horror

All The Kids Love That Scary Stuff, Restless Lie The Dead

Kwesi Jackson


Cashmere and Licorice

Dr. Carlita Collins

Literacy in Mathematics

The Doctors of Number Operations

Benjamin A. Fouché


The Night The Darkness Drew Near, Seven Gothic Short-Stories, The Winston Manor Mortuary, Wary Perceptions, Morley

Bart H Hamilton

Action, Adventure

Lords of Vengeance Books 1-3

A.G. Porter

YA Paranormal

The Darkness Trilogy

A.B. England

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Right of Succession and Daydreams and Myth

Amanda Orneck


Shadow of the Owl, Winter's Eye


Sci Fi/Fantasy, Steampunk, Dystopian

Wolf 359 series, Fool's Gold, An Ounce of Lead, Rebirth of Angels

Brian Weimer

Christian Thriller


A.S. Crowder

YA Urban Fantasy


Heather Kaczynski

Young Adult Science Fiction

Dare Mighty Things

Betty Bolte

Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

Samantha's Secret, Evelyn's Promise, Undying Love, Haunted Melody

Dwaynia Wilkerson - Prose & Pens


Prose and Pens

Toya Poplar

Interactive Journal

Stop Write There

S.F. Henson

Young Adult

Devils Within

Terri L. French

History, Non-Fiction

Huntsville Textile Mills and Villages: Linthead Legacy

Mary Lou McNabb

Gardening, non-fiction

Sow It, Grow It, Know It

Tim Allston

Self Help, Personal Development

7 Steps to Manage Ego Problems

Nakita Jackson


Alphabet Motivation

Kimberly Garrett


Enjoying the Journey

Bonnie Gardner


Southerland's Dilemma and The Man in the Mirror

DeJuan Cuffee


Words for the Soul (The Cure for Poetry, Hip-Hop, and Spoken Word) Vol. 1 and Beyond an Era

James E. Gates


The Essence of Sickle Cell Disease

Jamal Cummins

Christian, Religion

31 Days to Wise Dominion

Bill McDonald


Walking on a Moonbeam

Alex White

Young Adult

Every Mountain Made Low

Jamie Dodson

Historical Fiction, Golden Age of Aviation

Three Nick Grant Adventures- Flying Boats and Spies, China Clipper, Mission: Shanghai