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Summer Reading Programs

We've got some great programs this summer!  Here's a short description of each:

Little Gym of Madison and Huntsville

What is little gym all about? Join us for some fun gymnastic demonstrations and a short gym class.  This program is for kids in K-4th Grade.

Magic Show with Mr. Waymon Krugh

Mr. Krugh is back again for another fun and fabulous magic show tour.  Join us as we watch Mr. Krugh amaze and astound his audience with his fun show.  This program is for kids in K-5th grade.

Lost in the Water with the SARtec Search and Rescue Dogs

Who finds you when you get lost?  The Search and Rescue Dogs!  And did you know that in our area, you are just as likely to get lost in water as you are in the woods?  Learn about the things you can do to be safe when near the water, and see a fun demonstration of the Search and Rescue Dogs in action.  Parents are strongly encouraged to accompany their children to this program.  This program is for kids in K-5th grade.

What's in a Thunderstorm? with the National Weather Service

Thunderstorms are loud, and sometimes dangerous.  What can you do to make sure you stay safe during severe weather?  Local National Weather Service Scientists explain about severe weather, conduct several experiments, and tell you what you can do to be safe. This program is for kids in 3-5th grade.

Water Wonders with Sci-Quest

What's in a water cycle?  Find out with Sci-Quest as we conduct hands on chemistry experiments.  Make your very own Wave in a Bottle to take home.  This program is for kids in K-5th grade.

Going Buggy with Cook's Pest Control

Hey, what kind of bug is that?  Ever wondered what lives in your backyard?  Find out all about Alabama creepy crawlies from our friends at Cook's Pest Control.  This program is for kids in K-5th Grade.

The Magic of DNA with Hudson Alpha

Hudson Alpha Institute of Biotechnology is a pioneer in the field of genetic research.  Watch as their Education Outreach team visits your local library and teaches you how to extract DNA from a strawberry, using simple items you have in your own house!  This program is for kids in 3rd -5th grade.

A Visit with the Early Works Museum

Early Works is a great place to learn more about Alabama history.  Watch as history comes to life at our libraries with a visit from the Early Works staff.  You'll learn about early herbal medicine, Alabama's journey to statehood, and native American culture.  This program is for kids in K-5th grade.

For dates and times of programs, see our program calendar.