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We've got wireless!

Free WiFi access

We've got WiFi!Throughout Madison County, all branches of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library system offer the same, open, WiFi access to all citizens and library patrons. Our public WiFi is available using the network named "LibraryNet" at all locations.

This network is open and unencumbered by any logins, in support of the Huntsville City Schools with their ground-breaking student laptop and iPad program. We stopped requiring any kind of login to connect to the Internet after the tornados of 2011 as a public service to our communities.

WiFi standards supported include:

  • 802.11a/g/n
  • 2.4 GHz radio
  • 5.0 GHz radio

The 802.11b standard is not supported, as doing so would reduce the speed available to faster networks and devices. Smaller branches will have a single Wireless Access Point (WAP). Several of our larger branches have 2 or more, while our Main branch in downtown Huntsville has 11 WAPs, dispersed over all 3 floors.


Our network provides up to 400 wireless connections simultaneously, and our network infrastructure is a high speed fiber optic network between most of our branches and our upstream provider, with Internet connectivity currently at a guaranteed 250 Mbps full duplex. End users will see lower rates due to the fact that the network is shared with other personal devices as well as our public computers.