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HMCPL Book Clubs

Love talking about a good book as much as you do reading it? Then take a look at what our book clubs are reading next. Our book clubs are just as varied as the books you love! Some groups meet in the morning, some at lunch, and some at night. There are meetings at several different branches, and each group tends to focus on a different type of book.

Looking for something outside of school work to read? Love telling your friends all about that great book you just finished? Then come tell us at the Bailey Cove Public Library! For more information please contact Julia Hendon at jhendon@hmcpl.org or 256-881-0257.


BLT is a group that reads fiction and nonfiction books and likes to discuss new thoughts and ideas. Occasionally they will take field trips or have special activities related to the book discussion.

Most meetings will be at the Monrovia Community Center and attendees can bring a brown bag lunch to eat while we have our book discussion. Booked for Lunch meets at noon on the third Wednesday of every month.

Cupid's Café features romantic fiction. An author is chosen every month and members read at least one of the author's books before the next meeting. Members share their favorites, discuss the good, the bad, and the naughty, and have fun trying new titles in this exciting and widely read genre.

The format of Cupid's Café is to choose authors in a cycle. The first month of a cycle features a new or newly-discovered writer; the second month spotlights a perennial favorite; and the third month showcases our regional talent by choosing an author who lives in North Alabama.Pizza is offered at the meetings and there is a $5.00 charge if you would like to eat pizza.

"Discussing the book is important, but laughing is often our goal."

We've read a few nonfiction books, but mostly we focus on favorite authors and/or books of fiction. Mysteries seem to pop up as suggestions more than other genre. We've been meeting since July of 2004, and we'd love to have more members!

Hey Adults, do you love Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, and The Princess Diaries? Feel like a creeper when lurking in the young adult section of libraries and book stores looking for the next great thing to hit the shelves? Fear not, for you are not alone! Join us, drink in hand, to discuss the newest and greatest.

Our avid elementary readers get together once a month to discuss a pre-selected book.  We also have activites, crafts, and a snack based on various subjects brought up in our monthly read.

Live in Gurley? Have you wanted to join a book club, but wished there was one a little closer to home? We've got the answer for you: Gurley Girls! It's just as much about sharing time with fellow readers as it is reading a great new book.

Do you like to read? Do you quilt, knit, or cross-stitch? Come join us! All readers and crafters are welcome.

Uncover new reading adventures! Find long-remembered favorites! Discover award-winning titles! Try a "Muscular Read" ...What is a muscular read? It's a book outside your comfort zone; a book that makes you think.

Join us at the Bailey Cove Library for our newest book club, “Love Fest”! We’ll be chatting about books with strong women of values and morals, and a touch of romance. Bring your lunch, your book of the month, and your positive attitude!

Join us at the Bessie K. Russell Library where we will discuss a mixture of old and modern literature.

Discusses romance novels. Bring a brown bag lunch and meet at the Monrovia Community Center, next door to the library.

For all lovers of gritty, hard-hitting crime thrillers that feature mayhem, suspense, and flat-out great writing. Be warned! These are not your granny's detective mysteries!

A good murder deserves a good venue.

The Murder at Main Mystery Book Club always offers an appropriate location-- pub, café, tea room, etc. -- to go along with our discussions of murder mysteries. Club members choose an author or group of authors each month and meet at a spot that fits the time period, country, or flavor of the authors’ work.

Connect with books and friends.  Enjoy discussion, refreshments and a little fun. Contact Tina Wright at 256-776-2102 or twright@hmcpl.org for questions.

A non-fiction book club for the fiercely curious.

We read contemporary fiction of all genres. A light lunch will be provided by the BKR Friends group or book club members; contact Adrienne Bone, the group organizer, at abone@hmcpl.org for details.

Want to read books about your generation?  Need a book out of your comfort zone?  You should join Saved by the Bell Jar, Bailey Cove's new book club for those at/near their quarter-life crisis.  For more information please contact Julia Hendon at 256-881-0257 or jhendon@hmcpl.org.

The Book Report is a book club for people who don't have time to read a selected book, but still want to meet fellow book-lovers and talk books. Enjoy the wonderful ambiance of Yellowhammer Brewery, meet fellow readers, and share what you're reading right now. We'll provide a list after each meeting of all the books discussed, and you'll come away with great new suggestions. For a list of books shared, visit our HMCPL Goodreads group and click on The Book Report bookshelf.

We read a wide variety of contemporary books chosen by our group.

Take a ‘Time Out’ each month to meet other adult fans of YA, enjoy a great discussion, and get exciting new recommendations. Children are welcome! (and entertainment will be provided.)

Reads contemporary African-American authors.

Are you a 3rd - 5th grader who's always looking for the next great read? Join us at our first book club aimed at advanced Juvi readers. Each month we'll meet to discuss a book, enjoy an activity and snacks, and decide on our next book selection. Bring ideas and books, and we'll provide the snacks! No RSVP required, but contact Ms Maggie at mallen@hmcpl.org for more info.