Kids @ HMCPL

Ponypalooza at Bailey Cove!

Attention, Everypony! All pony fans, bronies and pegasisters won't want to miss Ponypalooza at the Bailey Cove Public Library on Saturday, May 11, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Pony fans of all ages will have a chance to meet the illustrator of the sensationally popular bestselling comic: Madison resident Andy Price.

Costumes are encouraged. Join us for snacks, get your cutie mark painted, create your own custom pony tail and try your hand at comic writing and illustrating. 




Fantastic Friday with Mindgear Labs

A fun presentation with our special guest Mindgear Labs that is suitable for all ages.

Tween Fandom: Chocolate Battle

A fun-filled competition with several rounds of games using chocolate.

Tween Fandom: Life Sized Life

Visit us to play the game of Life in life size!

Fantastic Friday with Alabama Youth Ballet

A fun presentation by the Alabama Youth Ballet that is suitable for all ages.

Fantastic Friday Summer Kickoff Party with Animal Tales

A fun-filled party with our special guest Animal Tales to kick off our summer at Bailey Cove. This event is suitable for all ages.

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