Kids @ HMCPL

Nutcracker-pa-looza: Nutcracker On Ice

Enjoy a free preview of Nutcracker on Ice's upcoming performance of The Nutcracker!

The First Thanksgiving: A Virtual Field Trip


Through the magic of technology, we will travel to Plimoth Planation in Plymouth, MA to learn about the First Thanksgiving.  We will take a virtual tour of the Pilgrim Plantation and the Wampanoag Homesite!  Along the way we’ll meet some Pilgrims, Native Americans, talk about the differences between that Thanksgiving and the one we celebrate today and MORE!  

Grey Squirrel, A Fall Puppet Show


This puppet show is full of fall fun for all ages!  Featuring the stories: Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming, Chicken Little, and The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tufuri, plus several autumn songs!

Library Iron Bowl


It’s back- the Library Iron Bowl!  Each time you read a book and report it to the Youth Services desk, your team will get a TOUCHDOWN!!  

Kids Pick the President


Kids!  Who would you vote for?  Stop by Youth Services to cast your vote in our mock Presidential Election.  See if you can predict who the Grownups will choose on Nov. 6!  Also, take a picture with our lifesize cutouts of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney!

Virtual Field Trip to Plimouth Plantation, The First Thanksgiving


Join us as we take a Virtual Field Trip to Plimouth Plantation and learn about the First Thanksgiving.  We will travel via webcast to get a behind-the-scenes look at the simple but arduous life of the Pilgrims, witness the day-to-day life of the indigenous people who were part of the Wampanoag Nation and see their resourceful solutions to everyday challenges, and join the Pilgrims and Wampanoag as they discuss together their lives, collaboration, and the first Thanksgiving.  This event is recommended for grades K-6.

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