Kids @ HMCPL


We may get a bit messy for this!  No need to dress nicely.

How about some Magic??

Come see what tricks Mr. Waymon Krugh has up his sleeve this summer!

Summertime Storytime! Pre-K

You can do it! 

This storytime will focus on being comfortable with the person that knows you best---- which is you!  Our theme for this summer is "Dream Big!"  To dream big, you definitely need to be able to feel like you can do anything; and that's what this storytime is about!

Come join us!

Russell Library's Summer Reading KickOFF Party!

Sign up for Summer Reading and learn all about bats with Batty Patti!  She has an awesome Bat program to show us!  Join us for a chance to win a prize or 2!

See you there!

Summertime Storytime! Pre-K

Forever Dreaming!

Come join us for our storytime!  We will be reading about dreams and making a cool craft!

End of Summer Reading Party

Summer Reading may be over, but the fun isn't!

Make crafts, eat cake, and be here for your chance to win our Summer Reading Prize Pack!

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